TO Truly Evolve – Yet to be truly told

Cheesy title? I do not think so. Ever asked yourself if you are going to be alive when we (maybe, if ever) make our first contact with other intelligence species in this vast and undiscovered universe? That is a debatable and bizarre question. Everything around us changes in a rapid pace, and sometimes we feel out of place, I know I do. Is this normal for us to develop so fast? The answer in my opinion would be yes and no. Why is that? Well, because we cannot be certain. We cannot be sure if we are heading in the correct direction, for us to evolve to the next level of social intelligence so we can be sure if we would be able to settle another planet ever, and for that, we must be truly prepared. You might ask, what is this intelligence I am talking about here? I would say please take this joyful and short ride by joining me to ponder the following.

To truly evolve to the next level, is for us to unite as one race. We cannot evolve easily or maybe ever if we cannot bond as one race. We are humans, no matter how we look, do appearances change the functions of something or someone? If we were to differ, we might differ in what we believe in our lives. We may differ in ideals, but those ideals must not let us change our view of others just because of how they look. We cannot rise as a universal specie if we do not eliminate this “racism” that still lurks in the shadows of our modern technological world, because we are one race, we all are humans.

Our collective efforts must be united. Each path we choose is nothing but steps, and we need to really determine how we should take them forward. Charismatic and good individuals should not just work for their own benefits or agendas, they should step forward as one, and they must be lead everyone because our nations needs leaders who really act as one.

The next logical question here is, is it possible for us to unite as one country of humans? I am not here to give answers, because I do not have any to share. I am here to part what I have in mind with others. The semi answer to this question would be, in my opinion, that it is possible but with great effort that we never had ever done before! Just imagine that and then you can find some form of an answer. Another opinion on this matter is that we can settle others worlds without uniting as one country. Similar to what the world is now. Nations work together on the International Space Station, and this is a sign of hope, that we might unite even more, but is it enough?


The Log of 10

This was suppose to be posted on the last day of the last year -2013- but I have decided -after some advice- to push it to the first -kind of- of January of the new year. This will be the first post of a yearly cycle. That is because it is a ranking of people list! It would include different influential or creative people from different fields of technologies or humanities based on my personal judgment and point of view. I was actually inspired by 50 list, and so I told myself why not make a list of my own! So without further ado, here are the categories and the respected chosen people! But please remember the numbers does not matter in this list even if it is numbered!

The following are solely based on my personal opinion

“THE VANGUARD” are the braves of humanity who dare to venture beyond the familiar lines of human development or technologies, which makes them always in the last frontiers.

“THE DEFINERS” who defines new things or redefines what is currently exists in a new and better way to us.

“THE ORIGINS” the start and spark of many successful endeavors even if they are not new sometimes.

“THE TELLERS” the best informers by their dedication and creativity matters in our world.

“THE HIDDEN” who are not known, literarily or just not famous yet. They can change the world.


  1. Elon Musk (42): the CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX. He co-founded the first and founded the second. Both companies pushed in a successful way technology and Space discoveries in a brave way.
  2. Jeff Bezos (49): the founder and CEO of and Blue Origin. The first is the leading online retailer and the second was founded because of his fascination with space travel. Cannot argue with success.


  1. Jonathan Ive (46): the Senior Vice President of Design at Apple. The responsible of many of Apple’s design philosophy that he has shared with the late Steve Jobs.
  2. Jack Dorsey (37): He co-founded Twitter and founded Square. He defined a new way of how an individual can communicate with others publicly and one the internet, that is Twitter of course.


  1. Markus Persson (34): commonly known as Notch, is the creator of the sandbox indie videogame, Minecraft. It is true that he himself was inspired by another game to make his game but he was the origin of many later similar games.
  2. Gabe Newell (51): the co-founder of managing director of Valve Corporation which owns Steam, the famous online video games and software store. Valve made a point that online video games’ distribution can be very successful. Steam made many big videogame publishers take PC gaming more seriously.


  1. Mary Jo Folly (cannot ask a woman about her age!): many or some may know her from She is not a CEO or a director of something big. But a dedicated technology journalist . She snuck on this list because I am unbiased.
  2. The Verge (launched 2011): now this is weird because I am including a website and not a person. But I think they deserve whatever praise they can get. The type and presentation of what they report of news and articles they wrote is outstanding.


  1. Satoshi Nakamoto (?): the name behind one person or many who created the Bitcoin software, a peer-to-peer payment network with a digital currency and banks involved.
  2. Palmer Luckey (21): I consider him hidden -even if he is known by many people who surf the web- but he is hidden from many who does not know his ambitious company, Oculus VR, and their upcoming virtual reality head-mounted display.

Note: the lack of pictures is intended.


Our Story So Far

Lovers and seekers of our unexplored universe -and I am proud call myself one of them- have been either watching the cannon of news in the recent years of how Humanity try to reach farther stars or just understand our own Solar System. On September 12, 2013 NASA has announced to the world that 1977-launched space probe, Voyager 1, has ventured into interstellar space. What does that mean? It means so far that this is the first human-made object to do so! It is the furthest human object to reach this distance from our small planet. Humanity’s mission continues, because this is just one of the first steps to venture into other systems other than ours. To understand our Universe -maybe of others unmet?-we need to understand fully our Solar System.

Our home, our planet’s home, the Solar System, is surrounded by vast and beyond imagination of dark matter and energy that is unknown to us. Our planet drifts in this space of dark, that is the Solar System. We need to understand our home system. The planets and the moons that reside this system are still undiscovered fully. Our own limits are the barriers of these mysterious and awaiting discoveries. But we are getting there. Stars and the moon were first. We have reached the Moon, and we have also more famously from recent history, the red planet. Mars, this red jewel, has been calling us to be discovered and visited. Many unsuccessful missions of the goal sending an orbiters to Mars have resulted in failures during 1960s by the USSR. In May 30th, 1971, part of NASA’s Mariner program, Mariner 9 became the first spacecraft to orbit another planet. On 2003, The European Space Agency’s orbiter Mars Express was launched and then nearly two years later the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter was launched too. Then the famous two rovers came, on 2003, the rover Opportunity was launched with her twin Spirit -which its communication ceased- but alas our stubborn Opportunity -just like its creators- still continues its mission, even exceeding its original mission to this day! On November 26, 2011, the famous and recent young rover, Curiosity, was launched to land the mysterious red on August 6, 2012. But is this the end? Of course not. Curiosity will just serve as “the basis for a planned Mars 2020 rover mission.”

All these journeys and Earth will still be our first home. We still do not fully grasp all wonders of this beautiful planet. The deeps of oceans are still undiscovered, and the deeps of lands too. It is almost like Humanity did not discover anything at all in this indescribable Universe.


Image source: NASA’s Earth Observatory


Welcome to the Quantum Log

Hello there honorable guests, and welcome to the Quantum Log!

Here I would share my thoughts on new technologies and next breakthroughs in the different areas of Human development! From astronomy to digital technologies, and try to dive in Quantum mechanics, hence the name of the blog. I hope that I would be writing in the blog fairly regularly! Please enjoy your stay and feel free email me at: with suggestions or feedback!


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